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Online Appointment Booking 

Welcome to the Online Appointment Booking portal. This is where you can book an appointment without having to call the clinic or waiting on hold. This portal is also open for booking 24/7. Please keep in mind the following when booking your appointment:

  • Please be detailed in your appointment reason so we can be prepared to help you best

  • You can choose to book your appointment in office, as video meeting, or as a telephone call. However, if the type meeting isn’t appropriate (for example, we can’t look at your skin or examine your knee through the telephone), we will call you to modify this

  • Your appointment is NOT booked until you receive confirmation by email or text message. Please ensure your contact information is up to date.  You will receive a response within 1 business day.

  • If you booked a video appointment, you will also receive an email containing a video call invitation.

  • You will need a Medeo account to book

  • If you have a more urgent request, please call us directly at 416-751-0465 and we may be able to accommodate you earlier.

Book Now

Sorry! Online appointment booking is temporarily out of service.

For now, please call the clinic to book your appointments.

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