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I have cold/flu/COVID symptoms. Where can I get medical attention?

If you have emergency symptoms, such as chest pain or shortness of breath, go to your nearest emergency department.

If not, consider the SHN Cold, Flu and COVID clinic.  There is also a dedicated clinic for sick kids.

I'm worried about the COVID-19 vaccine. Where can I get more information?

There are dedicated support line to help give you more information about the vaccine so that you can make an informed decision. There is a separate consultation service for adults and children.

Where can I get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Our local Scarborough hospitals host Scarborough Vaccination Clinics.  We do NOT have the vaccine at our clinic.

Am I eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Learn more at the Scarborough Vaccine Clinic.

Where can I find more information on the COVID-19 vaccine? Is it safe for me?

More information can be found at Toronto Public Health or the Centre for Effective Practice.

Where can I get up to date COVID-19 information?

The best place to get up to date COVID-19 information would be directly from Toronto Public Health.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

There are many COVID-19 Testing Centres around Toronto.  COVID-19 Test information can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinic Policies

Are there any services with additional charges?

Yes. OHIP doesn’t cover all services.  Our clinic uses standard rates established in accordance with the Ontario Medical Association.

Do you provide travel medicine?

Travel medicine is not provided. It would be best to seek out a specialized travel clinic.

What is the cancellation policy?

At least 24 hours notice will be required.  Otherwise, our clinic uses standard rates established in accordance with the Ontario Medical Association.

I see that your clinic is a Family Health Team. What does this mean for me?

We are part of the East GTA Family Health Team,  and we are all dedicated to your care.  It is best and more integrated for you to receive primary care from our team instead of walk in  clinics.  Our team includes allied  health care professionals on site such as a dietitian, pharmacist,  physiotherapist, occupational therapist and social worker. We also have  specialists on site.

Navigating the Healthcare System

How do I know what vaccinations my child got in school?

There are two ways to find out: 1) Contact your local public health unit, or 2) Contact the school that gave the vaccination

Do I need an appointment to get labwork done?

That depends on where you are doing the labwork, and what labwork you are doing.  Some sites, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, require an appointment for all visits.  

In addition, some special tests must be booked by phone at 1-877-849-3637: 

    Ambulatory Blood Pressure

    Seminal Analysis

    Holter Monitor

    Urea Breath Test (H. Pylori)

    Cryoglobulin/Cryofibrinogen/Cold Agglutinin

    Medical Legal Drugs of Abuse collections (Including urine, breath and hair)

    QuantiFERON TB Gold

    Contract Services

What does OHIP cover?

See this page from the government of Ontario

My driver's licence was suspended. How do I get it re-instated?

See information with Service Ontario.

Can I get coverage for hearing aids?

Yes. You can get $500, typically every 5 or so years.  Further details are here.

What general patient resources should I know about?

Please see here for several useful links and resources.

Do I qualify for the disability tax credit?

Please see the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) criteria published by the Government of Canada.

Please note that some companies may approach and encourage you to apply for the DTC for a fee.  You do not need to pay these companies in order to apply or qualify for the DTC.

Where do I get medical attention when you're unavailable?

There are several layers of backup available.

If another physician is available at my clinic, they will be able to see you.

If no physician at my clinic is available, Centenary After Hours Clinic is available.

SHN provides Virtual Urgent Care

If it is an emergency, please visit your nearest emergency department.

I have a lab requisition. What do I do with it?

You can bring the lab requisition to any lab in the city.  They’ll draw your blood, analyze it, and send me the results.

Common labs are Lifelabs and Dynacare.

When should I follow up on my test results?

It depends on the test.  Most test results should be received within one week of performing the test.

Some tests many take longer such as public health bloodwork, pap smear results, or biopsy results.

I was referred to a specialist a while ago. Why haven’t I heard anything?

Most specialists contact you directly.  Make sure you have voicemail enabled on your phone. 

If you haven’t heard anything for weeks, call us to let us know.

How do I access physiotherapy?

You can access any physiotherapy clinic without a referral.

If you have health insurance, your insurer may or may not require a prescription to have your services covered.

If you don't have insurance, you can still sometimes get your physiotherapy covered.  For example, you are eligible for OHIP covered physiotherapy if you are over 65 years old, or are on ODSP.  See HERE for more information.

Managing your own health

Do I need a prescription to get more medication?

Check for the “refills” number on your medication bottle.  If the number is 0, then you’ll need a new prescription to get more medication.  Otherwise, your pharmacy will be able to refill your medication for you without a prescription.

What pain medication can I take without a prescription?

If you don't have any significant liver issues, you should be able to take up to 3 grams of acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol) per day. Most people find that a regimen of 2 tablets of extra strength acetaminophen every 8 hours works well.

You can also take ibuprofen (brand name Advil) sparingly.   Please note that this medication can have significant side effects if used continuously.

What brand of blood pressure machines are accurate?

See here for blood pressure machines approved by Hypertension Canada.

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